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just a sleepy post from me today! i had my first headline show for AGES in London last night showcasing all my new tunes with my live band which SOLD OUT before xmas!!! (eeeek!). we also had a string section join us and visuals!!! it was a pretty intense week leading up to it preparing everything and this morning im lying in bed just processing it… i think it turned out good =D mama triana gave it thumbs up so i done good!!

I’m still flipping out over my outfit from last night which i LOVED!!!! i felt like i was rocking  out in pjs (I’m a big fan!!) it was so comfy. i’m also in love with the sparkly belt made by my amazing stylist Hope Von Joel ( ) for her jewellery line Eye Of The World Designs —>  paired with the tiger heels and sparkly socks i was feeling pretty dapper! 

today in celebration of last night I’m gonna spend the day with my mum, can’t wait!!    

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    Miss Triana! … Looking forward to hearing some fresh sounds :0D
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    I WAS THERE WOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Such a bloody good night.
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    YES please
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